Just Us – Stephanie + Casey at the Giant’s Causeway

giant's causeway just us session honeymoon love

Way back last summer I had the absolute pleasure of shooting Stephanie + Casey on their trip to the North Coast. They had come over to NI for their honeymoon from Texas and got in touch about a shoot at the Giant’s Causeway, and did I jump at the chance? Yes I bloody well did.

I know I say this every time but these two were quite literally the most lovely, funny and friendly couple I’ve met, and Stephanie may or may not have sent me a beautiful email afterwards and I may or may not have cried (I totally did).

Sit back, chill out, and swoon over how much these two love each other!


giant's causeway just us session honeymoon lovegiants_causeway_just_us_photographybyhannahjuliagiants_causeway_just_us_photographybyhannahjuliagiants_causeway_just_us_photographybyhannahjuliagiants_causeway_just_us_photographybyhannahjuliagiant's causeway just us session honeymoon love giants_causeway_just_us_photographybyhannahjuliagiants_causeway_just_us_photographybyhannahjuliagiants_causeway_just_us_photographybyhannahjuliagiants_causeway_just_us_photographybyhannahjuliagiants_causeway_just_us_photographybyhannahjuliagiants_causeway_just_us_photographybyhannahjuliagiants_causeway_just_us_photographybyhannahjuliagiants_causeway_just_us_photographybyhannahjuliagiants_causeway_just_us_photographybyhannahjuliagiants_causeway_just_us_photographybyhannahjuliagiants_causeway_just_us_photographybyhannahjulia

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