About Me

Hi! I’m Hannah, a photographer from Northern Ireland who loves to shoot out of the box, in love couples, beautiful, fun loving families and cute babies! I’m passionate about creating images that you’ll love to look back on when you’re old and wrinkly.


I figured we’d do a wee ice breaker so you know a little about me:

  1. I am a sinner saved by grace
  2. I am from the North Coast of Northern Ireland, the most beautiful place in the world (in my biased opinion…)
  3. I have secret dreams of being in a West End show after playing Carlotta in Phantom of the Opera at school (really I just loved being a complete diva and getting away with it)
  4. I love calligraphy, though I’m not very good at it
  5. I’m obsessed with crime dramas, all stemming from my love of The Bill that developed when I was on study leave for my GCSEs
  6. I (not so secretly) fancy myself as a bit of a rapper, and will unashamedly blast out Stormzy’s ‘Gang Signs and Prayer’ when I’m driving
  7. I could eat nutella until it’s coming out of my ears
  8. I can recite every single episode of Miranda near enough word for word
  9. My favourite colour is green
  10. I have a (teeny tiny) tattoo on my left arm, even though I seem like the last person on the planet that would have one

Why do I do what I do? 
I love people. People are interesting. I love watching people and talking to people and capturing people. For me, photography is all about capturing people as they are. No static, uncomfortable looking poses or awkward group shots.
On your day I let things unfold naturally, capturing the moments as they happen. When you look back at your photos I want it to be exactly as you remember it, not contrived or moulded by me. Completely and utterly you.
And while I try to be as unobtrusive as possible when I’m photographing , I am 100% involved in you as a couple, and your guests. My favourite part of a wedding is getting to know people! So don’t be alarmed if you spot me crying behind my camera during the ceremony, or having a boogie with your mum later on!
If you think we’d get on (we definitely will) and want to know a wee bit more, head on over to the contact form to get in touch!
All the love, Hannah Julia xx